Secondmind Optimization Engine

Clearing the big data roadblock to the software-defined vehicle

The Secondmind Optimization Engine powers next-generation solutions for system design, calibration and continuous performance optimization throughout the vehicle lifecycle. Fueled by Secondmind Active Learning, our Optimization Engine addresses the major shortcomings of other AI solutions and clears the big data bottleneck that is slowing design and development and hampering vehicle engineering innovation.

  • Automated DoE streamlines calibration workflow with intelligent experiment design, data acquisition, model creation and analysis.
  • Quick and simple session setup.
  • Better predictions first time for more efficient simulation and testing.

Drop in and go

Easy-to-integrate, flexible solutions built for engineers, not mathematicians. With minimal engineering effort, the Optimization Engine integrates with existing toolchains using common REST APIs to take data from any source, including simulators, live systems on test benches and any standard design and development tools, with no vendor lock-in. It’s also easy to export and visualize results in MATLAB, Excel or the visualization software of your choice.

Secondmind Active Learning

Our Optimization Engine is powered by Secondmind Active Learning technology. Developed in Secondmind Labs, it offers intelligent, automated experimental design, data acquisition, model creation and analysis to rapidly accelerate mission-critical processes.

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Our solutions

System Design

Explore more design choices in less time and save on error correction costs.


Create high-precision control strategies and calibration maps in less time using fewer costly prototypes.

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