Empowering people to make better decisions.

Our story

Secondmind was born in 2016, with a clear mission: to empower people to make better decisions.

We recognised that business decision-makers face huge challenges. The world is increasingly complex and uncertain. Business moves at a lightning pace, with short-term and permanent disruption from all angles. And, all the time, we're bombarded with more information and data in one day than our ancestors would have been subjected to in a lifetime.

In this world, it can be difficult to know what to do next.

We brought together the worlds of academia and business to solve this problem. We focussed on applying practical machine-learning research to help people make decisions, with ease and confidence.

Today, our Decision Engine technology is helping people make decisions across multiple industries. It's scalable. It's intuitive. It promotes collaboration between AI and the people that use it. And it's transparent, so people can trust it to support them as they face and solve the challenges ahead of them.

Our values


We are honest and act with integrity. We trust people to do their best, and give them the freedom to do so.

Openness and collaboration

We prefer transparency wherever possible. We want diverse teams. We communicate with clarity. We nurture an environment of inclusiveness and respect.

Learning and teaching

We encourage learning and personal growth. We value team over ego.


We are ambitious and brave. We take the initiative, we’re not afraid to make mistakes. We’re hungry to solve big, real-world challenges.

Quality and excellence

We have a customer-first focus. We take pride in our work. We strive for excellence and balance this with pragmatism.

Wellbeing and humanity

We are people first and employees second. We promote health and happiness. We have fun and create a strong sense of community.

Leadership team

Carl Edward Rasmussen

Chief Scientist and Chairman

Dongho Kim

Co-founder and CTO

Juha Seppa

Chief Operating Officer

Gary Brotman

Chief Product Officer

Peter Bullivant

Chief Financial Officer



Tony Fadell

Principal at Future Shape

Nathan Benaich

General Partner at Air Street Capital

David Rowan

Author, advisor, speaker and journalist

Kee-Eung Kim

Associate Professor at the School of Computer Science, KAIST


We're on a journey to bridge the gap between people and AI. Join us.

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