Machine learning for sustainable engineering.

Secondmind® helps engineers design better cars faster, and achieve greater sustainability through machine learning.

Helping the industry navigate its biggest transition

The automotive industry is in transformation. The connected car, autonomous vehicles, shared mobility and electrification are disrupting the mobility ecosystem, and whilst the sector has made huge strides to reduce its environmental impact, pressure to do more increases each day. The result is a model-based design and development process that is orders of magnitude more complex than anything faced before.


Regulatory pressures

Increasingly stringent regulations, such as the Euro 7 emissions standards, mean auto makers urgently need to access new technologies and processes that can handle imminent optimization problems.

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How we help

Secondmind Active Learning helps optimize powertrain design and development processes more efficiently and in less time than current techniques, with up to…

less data
less time
less material
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Intelligent automated experimentation

Automotive manufacturers such as Mazda are using Secondmind technology to address common problems in powertrain design.

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Practical machine learning for automotive

Secondmind Labs is our team of award-winning applied machine learning experts and data scientists. Our team is developing an approach to active learning that addresses the needs of automotive engineers facing most complex model-based design and development challenges.

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