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We're building machine learning that clears the road to sustainability in automotive.

Helping the industry navigate its biggest transition

The automotive industry is in transformation. The connected car, autonomous vehicles, shared mobility and electrification are disrupting the mobility ecosystem, and whilst the sector has made huge strides to reduce its environmental impact, pressure to do more increases each day. The result is an engineering design process that is orders of magnitude more complex than anything faced before.


Regulatory pressures

Increasingly stringent emissions regulations, in particular the impending Euro 7 emissions standards, mean auto makers urgently need to access new technologies and processes that can handle new and future optimization problems involving many parameters and highly complex constraints, or face punishing fines for missed targets.

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Breaking down the complexity barriers with Secondmind® machine learning

Our solutions leverage advanced probabilistic models and active learning to help engineers solve complex optimisation problems with less time and effort.


Develop advanced models

Our proprietary machine learning models develop a deep knowledge of the target system, capturing complex interdependencies of up to 50 input and output parameters simultaneously with data sets of any size. The technology also handles the kinds of real-world experimental noise and physical tolerances that are common to automotive engineering tasks, all while providing insights to the user to inform the design process.

Mazda: Powertrain optimisation using Secondmind

We’re helping Mazda slash the calibration time for their next-generation fuel-efficient engines.

Secondmind labs

Secondmind labs is a world class research group in Gaussian process models and Bayesian optimisation. They develop the probabilistic modelling and active learning libraries at the core of our solutions, and also ensure that those solutions benefit from the latest developments in machine learning, whilst continuously seeking advances to some of the biggest challenges faced by the automotive industry.

Gaussian processes

Bayesian optimization

Active learning

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