People powered by AI make better decisions.

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You're the expert on your business. We look at the data and predict the future. Together we decide what to do next.

Decisions need people and AI

Spreadsheets help you crunch numbers. Data visualization helps you see the big picture. But these tools only organize what they're given. They rely on you to project the future. That’s not good enough. Businesses are too complex. Competition moves too quickly.

AI promised to predict, simulate, and deliver decisions. Except... you need a data scientist and machine learning-specialist at your side. And terabytes of data.

Until now.

Secondmind unites your expertise with the power of machine learning.

We amplify your intelligence

Secondmind puts you in control of our Decision Engine, a cloud-based decision-making platform powered by AI. You're the one with deep knowledge about your business. We find the signals in your readily available data and predict the best outcomes. The Decision Engine unites your expertise with our practical machine learning intelligence, to help you make better decisions with ease and confidence.

We supercharge you.


Transparent and easy to understand AI

No black box here. Secondmind tells you how the data influenced its predictions and recommendations.

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Straightforward decision-making

We make decision-making easy. It all starts with data, using whatever you or a partner have readily available. Secondmind then predicts and recommends outcomes, you evaluate, add your expertise and make the best decision possible. Together we learn from results and get better every time.

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Add your expertise
You + Secondmind
Learn and improve

What it’s like using Secondmind

The implications of our approach ripple through every step of the decision-making process.


  • Slow, manual processes.
  • Prone to errors.
  • Limited, static data sets.
  • No measure of confidence.
  • Unable to process multivariates.
  • Difficult to collaborate with.


  • Spend time evaluating, not processing.
  • We’re your knowledge repository.
  • Use all your readily available data.
  • Manage risk with quantified uncertainty.
  • Run multivariate tradeoffs.
  • Share out and get your team on board.

Versatile and scalable technology

Our core machine learning technology is designed to address a broad set of applications and industries, resulting in a versatile platform that fuels better decision-making.

Transportation & Logistics

  • Demand forecasting & planning
  • Network optimization
  • Asset allocation
  • Inventory optimization
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Engine calibration

Delivering impact and value

Our customers are working with the Secondmind Decision Engine, making better decisions across demand forecasting and planning, asset allocation, engine calibration and more.


Sea Logistics

The number one Sea Logistics provider in the world coordinates the movement of nearly 13,000 shipping containers every single day. They're partnering with us to learn more about how artificial intelligence can complement their human experts in the area of Sea Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Secondmind Labs

Building the Decision Engine demands the charting of new territories in probabilistic modelling and sequential decision-making. Secondmind Labs is home to a team of award-winning researchers dedicated to doing just that.

Realistic data requirements

Quantified uncertainty

White-box decision-making

Human + AI collaboration

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