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The race is on to re-imagine every aspect of the design, development and experience of driving. Engineering organizations that define this future through software will compete. Those with the optimization tools to crush mounting software complexity and accelerate development productivity will win.

The optimization engine for the software-defined vehicle

From reducing design simulation time and calibration overhead, to continuously improving energy efficiency and performance throughout the vehicle lifecycle, the cloud-native Secondmind Optimization Engine, powered by Active Learning, helps automotive engineers design better cars faster and accelerate the transition to carbon-neutral mobility.

Intelligent, automated experimentsIntelligent, automated experiments

Intelligent, automated experiments

High-precision data-efficient modelingHigh-precision data-efficient modeling

High-precision data-efficient modeling

Blended intelligenceBlended intelligence

Blended intelligence

Explainable, transparent resultsExplainable, transparent results

Explainable, transparent results

Cloud-scale and secureCloud-scale and secure

Cloud-scale and secure

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The versatility of Secondmind Active Learning lends itself well to optimizing complex engineering system design and simulation processes. Early results from exploratory work with OEMs indicate the solution’s potential for reducing data needs, design simulation times, and the number of design iterations required to achieve optimal solutions.

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System Design

Explore more design choices in less time and save on error correction costs.


Create high-precision control strategies and calibration maps in less time using fewer costly prototypes.


Our research

Our optimization solutions are powered by advanced machine learning developed in Secondmind Labs.


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