Doubly Sparse Variational Gaussian Processes

Date January 15, 2020
Authors Vincent Adam, Stefanos Eleftheriadis, Nicolas Durrande, Artem Artemev, James Hensman

The use of Gaussian process models is typically limited to datasets with a few tens of thousands of observations due to their complexity and memory footprint.

The two most commonly used methods to overcome this limitation are:

  1. the variational sparse approximation which relies on inducing points and
  2. the state-space equivalent formulation of Gaussian processes which can be seen as exploiting some sparsity in the precision matrix.

In this work, we propose to take the best of both worlds: we show that the inducing point framework is still valid for state space models and that it can bring further computational and memory savings. Furthermore, we provide the natural gradient formulation for the proposed variational parameterisation. Finally, this work makes it possible to use the state-space formulation inside deep Gaussian process models as illustrated in one of the experiments.

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