Secondmind Active Learning for Powertrain

Secondmind Active Learning for Powertrain applies advanced machine learning to address common problems in powertrain design, such as calibration, optimization and systems simulation, to improve efficiency, save time and reduce costs. Our easily integrated cloud-based software builds a deep understanding of systems - even the most complex - to drive more sustainable practices, meet regulatory pressures, and support the software-defined car.


Overview of key capabilities

State-of-the-art modeling

High-precision machine learning modeling running at cloud-scale that adeptly works with sparse, noisy data to more accurately meet a given objective, such as torque or fuel efficiency.

Intelligent automated experimentation

Safe, automated design of experiments and modeling that accommodates any number of customer-defined constraints, such as emissions, and reduces the number of experiments to reach an optimal profile faster.

Explainable predictions and outcomes

Transparent predictions, auditable recommendations and live performance metrics that quantify uncertainty, justify decisions and build trust.

Secondmind Active Learning in action

Engine ECU Calibration

Secondmind Engine ECU Calibration supports optimization of up to 50 parameters and critical physical and regulatory constraints. It automatically designs the experiments whilst allowing your experts to supplement the process with their own knowledge. It develops a deep understanding of an engine’s performance, regardless of its complexity, to ensure safe operation and reduce costly prototype materials waste.

The application easily integrates with existing calibration and testing systems. It supports a broad range of powertrain variants, from ICE to HV and BEV, calibrating engines in a fraction of the time of existing approaches, saving our customers time and resources, whilst making the entire process more efficient and sustainable.

Other Solutions

Secondmind Active Learning for Powertrain addresses many problems involving a high degree of complexity in powertrain design and development, including:

Gasoline and diesel engine ECU calibration

Electric motor-inverter and battery ECU calibration

Set-based component design

Transmission Calibration

Hydrogen fuel cell calibration

Accelerating the development of cleaner vehicles

Secondmind has partnered with Mazda to increase powertrain design and development efficiency.

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