Seminar: Siddharth Reddy - Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Lab

Author Hrvoje Stoji

Assisting human perception and control using Theory of Mind

Siddharth Reddy is a fourth-year computer science Ph.D. student at the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Lab. He works on machine learning algorithms for augmenting human control in domains like robotics and education.

Abstract: In this talk, we will explore the idea that irrational human behavior can be modeled as rational with respect to incorrect internal beliefs about how the world works.

We will discuss two recent papers that leverage this assumption to learn a user’s internal model from suboptimal demonstrations, then assist the user by making the real world feel more like their internal model.

First, we will discuss how to assist a user with perception when their internal observation model is wrong: modify their observations to induce accurate state estimates when processed by their internal observation model.

Second, we will discuss how to assist a user with control when their internal dynamics model is wrong: modify their actions to induce state transitions predicted by their internal dynamics model. These approaches to modeling and assisting human decision-making can be applied to problems in human-robot interaction, user interface design, accessibility, and education.

Assisted Perception: Optimizing Observations to Communicate State

Where Do You Think You're Going?: Inferring Beliefs about Dynamics from Behavior


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