Cloud-based ML: the catalyst transforming automotive product development

Date September 9, 2022
Author Kate Matthews

Cloud-based machine learning is now a must in automotive design and development, helping automotive innovators unlock synergies across their organizations, spend less resources on hardware prototypes, and shorten R&D cycles, according to a recent Executive brief from leading analysts Frost & Sullivan.

The paper highlights the multi-faceted and converging challenges faced by automotive innovators - and how the effective combination of data-driven insights from ML solutions and human judgement will be critical in helping suppliers and manufacturers enjoy growth, increased competitiveness, and greater resilience now and into the future.

Frost & Sullivan’s brief explains how our Active Learning technology is helping companies in the automotive design and development value chain to optimize complex system designs using significantly less data, with explainable solutions that blend human expertise with algorithmic intelligence.

You can read the full Frost & Sullivan Executive brief here.