A cloud-based decision-making platform powered by AI that transforms the way you make decisions.

Supercharge your decision-making

Backed by years of practical and proven machine learning research, the Secondmind Decision Engine puts you in the driver's seat of an easy-to-use, intuitive decision-making platform, fuelled by AI. So you can influence outcomes, manage tradeoffs, mitigate risks, and ultimately be more competitive.

Weigh in with your expertise

The Decision Engine factors in your expertise to make more accurate predictions and better recommendations for what to do next.

Effortlessly modify future forecasts or annotate historical data to account for unusual events and circumstances that can only be derived from your expertise.

The Decision Engine uses your expert knowledge to produce new, more accurate forecasts and plans when the data alone falls short.

Predictions and recommendations, explained

The Decision Engine doesn’t just predict and recommend what to do next, it tells you why.

The Decision Engine explains why it produced forecasts by drilling down to the contributing inputs and quantifying their relative contributions to predicted outcomes.

Based on demand forecasts, your inputs and the policy you select that’s customised for your business case, the Decision Engine offers recommended decisions for you to act on.

The big picture tailored to you

Rise above the noise and take action based on Decision Engine insights.

The Decision Engine’s role-aware dashboard integrates, tracks, and visualises the metrics that matter most to you and your business-critical decisions.

If your input or review is needed, whether to approve a colleagues' modification or to act upon a sudden increase in demand, the Decision Engine will alert you to take action.

Simple and productive collaboration

Collaborate in real-time with teams and colleagues.

Decision-making is a team effort and the Decision Engine makes it easy for you to collaborate with your colleagues directly and in the context of forecasts,  plans and the changes you make.

Easily share predictions and recommendations with those who need to know, when they need to know.

Everything you need under the hood

Easy upstream and downstream integration.

Built with integration ease in mind, the Decision Engine offers well-documented APIs to streamline integration with your existing enterprise planning, business intelligence systems and data sources.

Extract and collaborate on data.

Easily export or share links to forecasts, plans and performance metrics to create custom reports, get feedback from peers and contribute to broader enterprise forecasting and planning processes.

Role-aware user and access permissions.

Whether you need to restrict access to sensitive data, separate  product and service portfolios across different planning groups, or streamline everyone’s view to focus attention on what counts, the Decision Engine makes it easy to configure access and role requirements based on your business needs.

Surface important things first - no more fire fighting or missing critical decision points.

The Decision Engine alerts you to critical changes in forecasts and plans, and lets you know when you need to take action through notifications in app, email or your preferred company messaging system.



Demand forecasting & planning

Forecast demand for products with formulated demand plans which feed into supply and operational planning, enabling you to do more and waste less.

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The Decision Engine is currently in limited release. Contact the team for more information and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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